Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Episode #123: Serpent in the Sky - Part 2

We continue our deep-dive into John Anthony West's excellent work, "Serpent in the Sky". In this episode, we finish with the main body of the book, but there are three appendices regarding the Sphinx, each written later in time as things developed. We are able to get through the first one, and partway through the second(which is about the arrival on scene of Dr. Robert Schoch), but even though we went a bit long, we weren't able to finish it or get to the third.

So the next episode will have the conclusion to this series.



  1. �� you bros rock like it was meant to be!! ��
    !!! you guys cover just about everything, that i think, everyone should learn and know about, and on top of that the entire show emanates an awesome kinship atmosphere, makes one feel like this is the right spot to set up camp.
    Awesome show Snake Bros!
    ~ peace, frank ��

  2. Yes Snakebro Birch!!! Dude you hit it out of the park with your words, I feel ya man. "Heaven down to earth" is a beautifully poetic way to describe the pure creative process which the Bros share with us. Inspiration from the ancients being transferred to us by the Bros causing like minded SNAKES! to then be inspired and creative!

    Rock on Birch and Bros!


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