Thursday, November 7, 2019

Episode #121: Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt - Part 3

We conclude our deep dive into Christopher Dunn's excellent book, "Lost Technologies of Ancient Egypt" in this final episode of a three-part series by looking at Dunn's work and observations in Dendera, at the Temple of Hathor, and the ultra-precise machining evidence there. We also read some of his quotes from Flinders Petrie, the "father" of Egyptology, about the evidence for anomalous cutting of very hard stones in ancient Egypt.

And we conclude with a reading of part of Chris' conclusion of his book, where he lays it all out and basically says the standard model is wrong, whoever built these monuments and carved these objects had machine tools, and more importantly, machine-guided tools.



  1. Yay, nice work ya tree coverin hippies XD. Great finale to the trilogy.

  2. Also, how dare y'all assume I was the "hipster" guy in Taos on your previous GMA episode. I have no beard, nor suspenders, nor twirly mustache, nor rolled pant legs. Though I do drink coffee before it is cool ;) SNAKES!

  3. Enjoyed another interesting show, thank you.

    Since you mentioned smoking in this episode, I am now getting ads for cigars all of a sudden. I guess google is listening.

    Do ya'll have an Amazon affiliate link? Since you're exposing the audience to great books they might want to buy, you at least should get a cut. Its another way listeners could support you.

    Chris Pugh

  4. Thanks for reading my Foreword to Chris Dunn’s LOST TECHNOLOGIES OF ANCIENT EGYPT, entitled “Shifting Paradigms”. It would have been nice, too, to have mentioned my name and my bio.


    Dr. Arlan Andrews, Sr.


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