Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Episode #310: Assembly Theory


GoFundme we talk about in the beginning of the episode:


We recorded this shorter episode just before Christmas because Kyle has injured himself and wasn't able to sit for a normal episode.
We discuss Assembly Theory, a new way to look at natural selection and the formation of complex structures.
We also talk about the continued investigation of 9000 year old stone hunting structures beneath the waters of Lake Huron.


Thanks to Edfu for the awesome Christmas poem!


Executive Producer:
Anne who Knits

Associate Executive Producer:
David Cree


Assembly Theory paper:


  1. oh no, hope Kyle isn't out of commission too long or else we're going to get more Little People episodes with Drew

  2. big dummy Murray didn't understand any of this Assembly Theory. looking forward to the Martin episodes where you get back to talking about really big rocks.


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