Friday, July 7, 2023

Episode #291: The Spookiest Story Never Told - Part 2

The lines between UFOs, religion, magic, the paranormal, and government intelligence agencies have never been more blurry and difficult to define as they are in this installment of Marty Garza's series on the UFO subject. Marty's deep research and ability to reveal threads of an enormous hidden web of conspiracy and connection is unparalleled in the UFO world. Come with us down the rabbit hole of The Spookiest Story Never Told, Part 2!

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Thanks to all of you who support the show, it really helps! Here are our Producers for Episode 291:

Executive Producers:
Charles Mills
Philip Baklamov
Matt Shy
Peter Shell
Zachariah Baker

Associate Executive Producers:
Captain River Rat
Chris James
Daniel Gandy
Dave Cortes
Patrick Hicks

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