Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Episode #241: Younger Dryas Impact - The Evidence

George Howard, member of the Comet Research Group and owner/operator of the excellent Cosmic Tusk website, joins us this week to deliver a presentation he gave at the recent WorldViewzMedia conference in Sedona.
In this presentation, George lays out the evidence for the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis as an explanation for the massive changes that took place on Earth at the onset of the Younger Dryas period, just before the beginning of the Holocene.

Many of you will be familiar with much of this information, but there's always something new to learn about this fascinating period in Earth history, and George delivers the information with style, as always.

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  1. First visit I wrote: _Too many academics these days are Sucking at the Teat of Government Grants. They are utterly beholden to the self-serving agenda of their masters. This is a plain example of academic prostitution._ *_Weeks later, revisiting:_* Okay, what's the alternative? • Corporate sponsorship, • support by wealthy patrons or • appeals to the public for donations. Every one of those presents difficulties.Think of the twice-yearly fund-raising campaigns of taxpayer-funded "Public" broadcasting (especially in Cincinnati, where there were FIVE public radio stations, each with a distinctive character and market share. Can you spell "Benefits of Competition?") Nother alternative is Self-funded Academic research, which kinda limits things to wealthy enthusiasts. Think of Oxford-trained attorney Charles Lyell, brilliant maybe, but rigidly dogmatic. By force of personality, he seems to have steered the entire academic herd of geologists into the ditch of *_clinical uniformitarianism,_* an form of OCD famously resistant to treatment. Some current members seem to be tentatively approaching recovery.
    – – – – – – – – || –
    Wild thought, dredged up by Mr. Howard's question that Clovis culture somehow left tens of thousands of artifacts in hundreds of locations spanning the width of un-glaciated North America, and extending southward thru Central Americas to TIERRA DEL FUEGO, the tip of South America...apparently without leaving a single reliably identifiable skeleton...(Anzic infant, my butt.)
    ••• I know this is nuts, but... What if Clovis was NOT a human population? Imagine Octopods carrying scuba gear... Bet they were AMAZING with Flint-knapping! And Horse riding. Their Camouflage skills would give them tremendous advantages in the HUNT. Look for Fossilized slime trails with Sucker prints. Their Beaks could have been made into weapon tips.
    Nah... But maybe they burned the dead like Vikings. That would account for some of the disappearance of the forests, felling all those trees for all the tens of thousands of funeral pyres... Last Clovis person had to light his own pyre when he started feeling poorly.
    We've seen humans treat their dead in dozens of ritual traditions, from placing the corpses unprotected on platforms far from their villages where carrion birds eat'em; to burial in caves with flowers, fruit, gifts, tokens of remembrance and protection; to burying their bones beneath the clay floor of the living space of their clan and family... Whither Clovis??


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