Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Episode #218: Straight to Pyramids

We're back from our epic two week trip in Egypt with Ben from UnchartedX and Yousef from the Khemit School. We have many things to say about what we saw and experienced, and a mountain of photos and videos to go through.
For this episode we are joined in-studio by The Watcher to attempt to give an overview of our thoughts and some highlights of the trip. Expect many more episodes like this to come as we dive deeper into the questions we have about what we saw in Egypt.

Thanks so much to all of you who have listened to the show and supported us in various ways, this would not have happened without you!


  1. Love the new bumper tracks. It spooked me at first they must be mixed in surround or something. Russ is still talking and then out of nowhere I start hearing this loud guitar seemingly disconnected from the podcast playing on my macbook emanating from somewhere to the left of me. sounds great!

  2. I always(well,once) wondered how they created those lovely quadrant _type corners in their rooms.Drilling four holes and then carving your room to them, well,mind utterly blown;constructing near-miracles was, apparently,all in a day's work to them.Great observation guys.

  3. Hi guys. Mark Rendina here. Its so cool hearing your guys talk about a trip I was on with you. You guys are really cool to hang out with. What I find most interesting is the perfect corners and flats INSIDE the "boxes" where no one was ever supposed to see it. Blows my mind. Happy Thanksgiving.


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