Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Episode #204: The Hidden History of the Human Race - Part 10

This is the final episode of our reading of The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson. We finish the sections on the problems of "dating by morphology" in which anthropologists use their preconceptions about the evolution of man to place their fossil findings in a chronologically linear timeline even though the actual evidence does not present so clear a picture.

The final section of the book that we look at in detail is about reports and sightings of "wildmen", sasquatch, bigfoot, the yeti, and other hominid-like cryptids from around the world. With this section Cremo and Thompson are making the point that such reports possibly indicate that archaic hominids may still exist today alongside us, just as modern Homo Sapiens Sapiens may have existed alongside relict species of hominids in the ancient past.


  1. Cephas made points and blades by pressure flaking with their beaks.

  2. Hey guys love ur stuff! Have yall checked out steve fitzgerald (Atlantis Confirmed) youtube channel; his findings on early human history/religion! I believe he is onto something. Yall may want to check it out. Geohunter4life!!


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