Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Episode #198: The Hidden History of the Human Race - Part 6

Continuing along in our exploration of The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson, we finish up the cases of anomalous objects and artifacts found in very ancient contexts, placing them as far back as 2 billion years in the most extreme case, and move on to the section on actual human remains. Most of these are bones in various states of mineralization, all of which were found in strata that makes them anomalously old for hominids with modern morphology.


  1. Snakes! Awesome Toobing on the upper Guadalupe 45 Minutes from Bandera. 474 to Edge Falls Rd. 3 Hour float when it's running at 200cfps. 3 sets of rapids and a spring fed water fall. Rentals and shuttles available to toobing noobs, but access is free to all river rats. Camping is available at Bergheim Camp Ground, if you don't want to drive home drunk. Best trip on the Guadalupe, praise ye the lord Guadalupe! Also go kayak 311 to Rebeca Creek Rd and check out Mueller Falls. Seriously Snakes, get out of that Cube and on to the river.

  2. Endlessly fascinating - this is all so important, so, I share as much as poss... So, guyz: what do you reckon to US military finally acknowledging UAP (UFOs) - is this going to change things (and/or what might it portend?)? Keep well, never give up & many thanks, G


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