Thursday, June 13, 2019

Episode #100: The Pueblo Culture

We give an in-depth description of what we saw and what we learned at Contact at the Cabin. The archaeology, the geology, an much more!

Also, we read a few news stories, and some listener emails and comments.



  1. Had to look into it. I think Snake Bro Russ is right, the lunar min/max don't have to do with increasing yields or anything like that (from what i found so far). More so the max and min are called Harvest Moons because they provide full moonlight throughout the night which essentially makes for 24 hours of enough light to work. Thus, the farmers like the harvest moon because when it was time to harvest crops, they could do so for days strait without a break. Guess if the old cultures had real poor/slow methods of harvest, waiting for light more of the crops that were in the process of being picked would layout throughout the night before being stored properly and might ruin? Not a farmer, so y'all might have a better thought on this, but figured this might be a reason they care so much about the min/max (harvest moon) cycle. Or of course, there could be some other mind-blowing reason. SNAKES!!

  2. Maybe they built up the Cliffside to stay away from Samsquatch or red-headed giants.


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