Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Episode #086: Gantenbrink's Door

After reading the entirety of the Upuaut Project info from Gantenbrink's website in episode 85, we follow up on the topic of the "air shafts" in the Great Pyramid by reading articles and info on the more recent explorations of the shafts, finishing up with the ScanPyramids data about the "voids" discovered above the Great Gallery. We discuss the possible ways that Gantenbrink's data may coincide with the ScanPyramids data, and much more.

Mercury after sunset,

ScanPyramids Big Void


  1. Wouldn't it be risky for an alien life form to physically visit Earth because of viruses that are here? I think that is one reason we are not contacted. Another reason is the Universe is so hostile that it is very hard for a civilization to advance far enough along to reach meaningful space travel.


    Have you read this text at all?

    Much love and respect
    Andy moss.


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