Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Episode #040: Chaos in the Cube

We brave a Tangent Cube full of Trolls, Bad Dad Jokes and restless dogs to bring you Episode 40 on the Vernal Equinox, and a continuation of our discussion about ancient astronomy and our work on the Great Texinian Hill Henge Project which we broke ground on early this morning, using the equinoctial dawn to locate True East, and from there, the other three cardinal directions. We also installed our first wooden post marking the East, with an Avenue of the Sun and the beginnings of a sun dial using the shadow of the post.

We have special guest Matt Stone in studio with us, he has circumnavigated the globe at least twice without lifting a finger simply by maintaining a berth on various ships of the U. S. Navy. He has been to many exotic places but apparently has failed to visit even a single pyramid. When asked about any ancient or mysterious places he has seen, he tells a story about a redhead from Malta that was attached to the UN. (Purely anecdotal, of course. We saw no evidence of a Maltese Redhead, clearly Matt is just trying to make money selling books, or something)

Still, talking about redheads leads inevitably to the topic of redshift, so we go over the whole problem of Doppler and redshift in cosmology, and how it is fundamental to mainstream science's picture of the universe.

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  1. Don't read at the podcast, since I'm commenting every so often.

    Yes! Red Shift broken down! I don't know if it was Kyle or Russ but that example at 1:58:00 was excellent! Had to hear it several times, still couldn't figure out which of you said it... Kyle?



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