Monday, March 27, 2023

Episode #282: More Listener Communications

We're about to leave for Turkey and we have so many great emails from listeners to catch up on before we go, we decided to tackle some of them in a live-to-youtube broadcast. Once again this was a lot of fun, thanks to everyone in the chat and all the superchat donations.

This will be the last of the regular episodes until we get back from Turkey. Meanwhile, check our youtube channel for livestreams, the discord for pics, vids and boots-on-the-ground updates, and maybe even the RSS feed for audio uploads, if we can manage it.

Also, as was mentioned during the show, Russ/Brothers of the Serpent now has an "affiliate link" for purchasing a livestream ticket for the Cosmic Summit event. Use the link below to get a ticket and also support us!  Thanks!

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