Saturday, February 20, 2021

Episode #187: Listener Communications

This week's winter storm that came through Texas put everything on hold, including our podcast schedule, as we were iced in and the power was flickering on and off. Finally, on Friday, the snow and ice started to thaw, and we were able to get in the studio to record a show.

This is a correspondence show, since we had nothing else planned. Great emails from everyone, and they spark some interesting discussions.


  1. Wow, that was fun, worth waiting for. Sympathy for the pipes, had that mess in San Antonio long time ago.

  2. Found you guy’s after finishing most of Graham Hancock’s audio books. I was amazed to find out you guys are in Bandera!!! I spent all of my childhood summers in Bandera on the Medina, at my grandparents place, I’ve been living in the hill country for about 22 years now. Anyway I’ve been interested in the things you are bringing to the world all my life. So Thanks for what you’re doing!


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