Friday, February 12, 2021

Episode #186: UFOs - Part 4 - The Others

We are joined in-studio once again by Marty Garza to continue our discussion on the topic of UFOs, aliens, extraterrestrials, spiritual/interdimensional beings, and the incredibly varied and strange nature of this phenomenon.

As usual, Marty has done a ton of research and prepared copious notes for the show, and he guides us through multiple encounter stories from the military and civilians. For a while we focus on "USO" reports, or Unidentified Submerged Objects, also known as "Trans-medium vehicles", as they seem to operate as well in the water as out of it.

We look at some of the stranger aspects of "Skinwalker Ranch", and how the phenomena there seemed to range from entity sightings, to UFOs, flying orbs, cattle mutilations, voices, ghosts, and "demons".

Marty then takes the show in an interesting direction, looking at Gnostic, Hermetic, and old Christian considerations of "daimons" as beings both physical and non-physical, good and evil, existing at the periphery of perception.

We wrap up the discussion with talk about what the possible limits are, if any, to "technological advancement", as well as the breadth of possible configurations of life in the universe, and/or in "other universes" that may touch ours in certain ways, or perhaps in certain places....places that have been considered "sacred" since before recorded history.


  1. The latter half of this episode, especially the description of the daimons/daemons was particularly interesting. What Marty described reminded me a lot of "The Silence" from the Dr. Who episode "The Impossible Astronaut", which look like grays wearing black suits.

    Another interesting tidbit that struck me was how Marty described daimons as (paraphrasing) "existing the background" and "not particularly good or bad". This sounds a lot like the behavior of the Linux daemon. Excerpt of the man pages:

    "A daemon is a service process that runs in the background and supervises the system or provides functionality to other processes..."

    This along with the discussion hierarchy etc., kept reminding me of the Linux system kernel and operating systems in general...

    These present day examples may just be occurrences derived from ancient literature by their creators, but definitely makes the mind wonder nonetheless...


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