Thursday, August 1, 2019

Episode #107: Dabbler's Den

We are joined by Chris Cottrell, the man behind the Dabbler's Den, to talk about his ongoing research into the Carolina Bays, the Younger Dryas, and the possibility of a large oblique impact into Saginaw Bay in the Great Lakes region.

Chris gives us the rundown of the work of Antonio Zamorra and others who have done work on the Carolina bays and what they think may have caused this enormous field of geomorphic features in the landscape of the eastern seaboard of the United States. He also gives a great(and terrifying) minute-by-minute description of the catastrophic event that resulted in the Bays, and what it would have looked like from the ground.


Carolina Bays from Google Earth

LIDAR of Carolina Bays

More LIDAR - Note the farmland fields for scale

LIDAR of Carolina Bays and drainage systems

Bay ellipses are "Conic Sections"

Convergent long axes of Carolina Bays - Yellow is uncorrected, green is corrected for sphere and rotation

Convergent long axes shown on spherical map

Core sample info taken from Howard Bay

Bay features slowly being erased by farming, etc

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