Sunday, December 9, 2018

Episode #078: George Howard

We have a very special episode for all you snake sibs out there, we interviewed Mr. George Howard, who has been involved with the Comet Research Group from the very beginning in the work on the Younger Dryas Impact Hypothesis, which we have spoken of many times in previous episodes. George gives us all kinds of insider insights on the evolution of the hypothesis over the years, leading up to and including the recent publications on the Hiawatha Crater in Greenland, and where he sees the research going in the future and how this new data might affect the "standard model" of human development.

George also sets the record straight on the attempted character assassination of Dr. Allen West, discusses the Carolina Bays, the Alaska Muck, and at least once refers to skerptards as "skerptards".

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and at his website and blog, The Cosmic Tusk.

Enjoy! (we certainly did)

Hiawatha Crater in Greenland

Carolina Bays

LIDAR of the Bays
Image of a double rimmed bay from George's website

Location of bay groups across the US
The bays are "Conic Sections"

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