Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Episode #053: Pre-Columbian Contact and the Enigma of the Mines

After reading an excellent email from Mr. England about the simulation hypothesis, Russ reads a section from Dolmens: Part 2 in an attempt to show why he didn't understand wtf the author was trying to say even though it's clear the author does know
a hell of a lot about those dolmen.....things.
Kyle reads an excerpt from Dr. Robert Schoch's book Forgotten Civilizations about 12ft giants on Easter Island that moved the Moai statues by the simple expedient of allowing the volcano to explode and blow them all over the island.

We go through three excellent Mine The Hive articles, on the Michigan Mines, evidence of precolombian contact with the Americas, and the London Hammer. We laugh about how uniformitarians explain away the latter by totally discarding uniformotarianism.... but you know, just that one time. Which is also very un-uniformitarianesque(we are allowed to make up words here at Snakebros).

We finish off the show with some select axioms about truth seeking and conspiritards.

The Newberry Tablet

Newberry Tablet Script

Ship Petroglyph

One of the mine entrances

Handprint in stone, possibly of one of the miners. The hand is....kind of large. Just sayin'

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