Monday, June 25, 2018

Episode #054: EM Fields and Ancient Technology

We begin by determining the plausibility of excited soccer fans in Mexico causing a 2.0 richter earthquake by converting the total energy of the earthquake into equivalent Black Cat explosions and dividing that into the estimated number of excited soccer fans. At roughly 72 Black Cats per fan, we here at SnakeBros have deemed that this is a plausible explanation(given the estimated number of tacos and nachos consumed prior to the goal being made).

Kyle then reads several excerpts from Forgotten Civilizations, starting a whole conversation about electromagnetic fields and giant blocks and glowing crystal obelisks and the Yuga cycle and longheads and Vimana and secret Nepha spaceships and space genes and smartwater and basically that magnets can help you read minds and explode meteors over Russia and build pyramids and grow space genes. Also, Dolmens are involved. Somehow.

Anyway hopefully you still have your appendix. Enjoy the show.

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