Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Episode #037:We're Not Saying it was Aliens, but....

We kick this episode off with some choice soundbites from a major UFO event that occurred over the west coast on October 25th, 2017. Thanks to the hard work of some intrepid reporters who submitted FOIA requests to the FAA for all relevant material, we have access to recordings of the conversations between Seattle air traffic control and pilots who were observing the object, phone conversations between FAA officials and ATC and the military, and follow-up phone calls between FAA and the pilots who witnessed the object.

This leads to a discussion about the UFO phenomena in general, and whether this is a spiritual/consciousness related phenomena or physical biological entities operating "nuts and bolts" craft from some other solar system... or perhaps a bit of both.
From there we go on to discuss UFO-like sightings in the ancient past, how such events seem to have been playing a major part in all of human history, shaping our religions, our philosophies, our vision of the universe.
After that heady discussion, we segue into a talk about strange earth anomalies, bowls of fused silica glass in the middle eastern desert, bowls in the surface of the ocean, and how most of these anomalies can be solved (or caused) simply by exploding a nuclear weapon over them.

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