Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Episode #034: Assholes Make the World a Better Place?

We kick this episode off with some current news items, like the LiDAR survey in Guatemala around Mayan ruins, the possible detection of extragalactic exoplanets, and the complete falsification of anthropogenic global warming by world-reknowned, internationally acclaimed, nobel prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman, using physics.

Kyle then destroys the dreams of millions of people who have been trying to raise their vibrations and make the world a better place through meditation, when he reads an article about scientists who proved that meditation doesn't work by demonstrating that assholes who meditate are still assholes. He then renews their dreams by pointing out that, since life can be shit sometimes, having assholes around to deal with it is a good thing, so removal of all assholes would leave the rest of us to deal with the shit, which is no one's idea of a better world.

In the second hour, Russ reads from Ivan T. Sanderson's book Pursuing the Unexplained about coincidence and how, as a phenomena, it is not understood and therefore cannot legitimately be used as an explanation for other things we don't under stand. Also, rain dances are real, clouds can be busted with merely a few minutes concentration and an intense stare, and lots of weird shit rains out of the sky on a regular basis(further reinforcing the need for assholes, to deal with this sky shit).

So get out there and be an asshole, make the world a better place.


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  2. When I was a little girl, I went with my extended family to a Christian camp an uncle owned up in the high desert valley in Baja. During our stay, dust devils abound, and one very wide, carrying large debris headed to the camp and straight at us. Most of us ran for shelter in a house that was right in the way of it, but our old Nana decided to stay outside, grip herself to a wooden pole and in Jesus' name command that black tornado away. Her Pentecostal prayer seemed to have worked, the dust devil took a sharp 90 degree turn mere yards from her, then as if self-aware that the house was safely away from it, corrected itself 90 degrees again and continued on its destruction. It left us baffled at our matriarchal nana walking back. Does this count as cloud busting?

    Another anecdotal, totally coincidental event, happened in my early adulthood. After a month of a near-death car accident my sister and I survived, our mother took a speaker outside and played music. I hadn't properly walked all month long, but that's beside the point. We danced for hours to all types of music, til my sister jokingly said "I'm gonna make it rain!" since we were learning about American Indians and Powwows. Lo and behold, it was partially cloudy, no rain in the forecast, and she made it pour. We still remember this fondly, and she's refined her powwow moves where she now competes.

    Take it as you see fit, be it coincidental or more data to a spreadsheet, my sister attests she can make it rain upon request. And I walked normal after expelling a glass shard embedded in my foot that very night.

    PS still looking for that Mana bit.

    PPS I rarely been to a powwow were it doesn't rain.


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