Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Episode #010: The Enuma Elish and The Sphinx Controversy

We dedicate this show to questions, comments, emails, catcalls, and heckling from listeners who just want us to slow down, chill out, and explain some things in detail, because we're always referring to these things but we've never actually explained what they are.

So we try to do that.  Kyle does an excellent job despite constant interruptions from Russ, while Russ does a terrible job despite zero interruptions from Kyle, and in this way we go thru the Sumerian "creation myths", the erosion patterns on the Sphinx enclosure, and the catastrophic end of the recent ice age. Kyle ties all of these things together into a gigantic fucking conspiracy while Russ makes ominous sound effects

Also, bananas are---once again---not discussed.

The Big Rock

Dry cateracts in the channeled scablands

Grand Coulee Dry Falls

Potholes in Basalt in the channeled scablands

Giant potholes

Huge current ripples in Montana prairie land

Massive current ripples, taken from airplane

Enki, With horned elongated skull and shoulder rivers

The Annunaki as Bird Therianthropes
Note Exoskeleton?  on Leg

(In case you missed it)

Madagascar coastline with clear imprints left from immense tsunamis....note the scale at lower left

Madagascar coastline with multiple high water lines
Huge tsunami "chevron" deposits

4,000 miles away from Madagascar, the Australian west coast, with clear signs of huge tsunamis

Sphinx enclosure walls displaying vertical erosion patterns from heavy rainfall

Ancient limestone core blocks visible above and behind newer granite casing
Limestone core blocks behind granite casing stones

Sphinx enclosure walls erosion

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