Monday, April 10, 2017

Episode #004: Daylight Saving, Magic, and Climate Change

We start this episode with a rant about "daylight savings time" which everyone seems to hate and yet gets passed through every sitting congress, and possibly how the purpose of such a detestable rule is to disconnect us from the cosmos so we can't do magic. (hey, it's possible) 
We introduce more of our patented SnakeBros terminology, such as "Longhead"(hominid with an elongated cranium),  "Nephas" (a less formal version of the word Nephilim, as in "Whassup mah Nepha").  We talk about ancient giants with double dentition and the conspiracy to conceal them. We talk about reports of tombs full of loot, but with the primary corpse missing(looters took the corpse and left all the loot??)

There are other tangents here and there, then the final subject is climate change.


More Hypogeum 

and even MOAR Hypogeum

Paracas Elongatus

Different morphologies of Longheads

The skull on the left has a cranial capacity of 2500-2800 cc
Artist renditon of a longead

The Coneheads from SNL

Artist rendition of a human attacking a Nepha

Photo of the Siberian Taiga forest near the area of the Tunguska explosion

800 square miles of trees blown down like matchsticks, radiating away from the epicenter of the explosion

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