Monday, April 10, 2017

Episode #003: Carbon Dating and the Devil's Footprints

In this episode, Russ delivers a patented 100% Pure U.S.D.A. Certified and Approved Grade A Rantfest on the various problems inherent in the theory behind certain types of archaeological dating methods(meaning, the methods used to determine the approximate age of some bone fragments or whatever, not the methods used to get the hot blonde to go to dinner with you).

We ask the very important question, is it possible to bail out of a small Cessna aircraft mid-flight? Also, is it possible to walk barefoot down the slope of an active volcano, atop pyroclastic material? Does walking down the volcano in this stuff make one Satan himself?
Asking the real questions is what Snakebros is all about.

Here are some ancient weird "eye statues". Clearly these people have seen something that cannot be unseen(and now you won't be able to unsee them):

"Dad, is that...."     "Yes it is, son...."

Goddammit Right Head, stop looking up when I'm looking down

Looks like pieces to a board game. Probably one about being a creepy stalker. 

Coffee bean eyes. Cool beans.

I just.... I just can't even. 

The iChoir?

This is what Kyle was looking at at first. Creepy statues with huge weird eyes, but not like the ones above. 

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