Sunday, October 15, 2023

Episode #301: The 300th Episode

We discuss some recent scientific discoveries in detail, reading from articles and the source papers about ancient solar storms that caused a massive increase in Carbon 14 in the atmosphere, and fossil prints at White Sands that definitively breaks the "Clovis First" model of the peopling of the Americas.

In the final segment we discuss a bit about where our minds are at regarding all these mysteries, as well as future plans for exploration on the podcast and in the field.

Hard to believe we've published 300 2+ hour episodes! Thanks for sticking with us, there's more to come!


Solar Superstorm article:


Footprints article:


Executive Producer:
Clueless Krees


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  1. Houston Museum of Natural Science has a Foucault's pendulum set up in their lobby, It's cool to walk in in the morning and see it hovering over one point of the floor, then leave a few hours later pointing at a completely differ place. Yall should take the trip, they've got a huge, amazing display of T-rex skeletons, and a really shitty Egypt exhibit where half the stuff is miss labeled. It's a great museum though, the kids would enjoy it too.


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