Friday, September 15, 2023

Episode #298: The Spookiest Story Never Told - Part 3

Marty Garza joins us again for the 12th part in his series on the strange history of UFOs, aliens, magic, demons, spirituality, consciousness, psychic abilities, dark government agencies, wars, and weapons development.
This time we dive deep into some strange connections in myth from ancient biblical and Hebrew texts, shamanism, contact with the spirit world, angels and demons, the Book of Enoch, and CIA projects researching psychic abilities.

As always, Marty brings the goods with his detailed approach. We hope you enjoy this latest installment in the UFO series.


Thanks to Troy Hoover for the amazing episode art!


  1. Marty is being optimistic about how many times someone may need to listen to this...

  2. continuing the tradition of never actually telling the story


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