Saturday, February 25, 2023

Episode #278: UFO Swapcast - Marty Garza & Grimerica

Another UFO conversation, this time with Darren and Graham from Grimerica joining us in a swapcast, and of course Marty Garza as a guest, making it more of a round table discussion.

We talk UFOs, coverups, government and academic involvement in the subject, physics, secret projects, and more. A lot of the conversation was in regard to the JRE episode #1945 with Eric Weinstein as well, if you're interested in the UFO topic and haven't listened to that episode yet, go listen to it!


The second half of the conversation with Grimerica and Marty will be available on our Patreon feed, or on the Grimerica Outlawed feed.


You can get more Grimerica here: 

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  1. What I got from the Rogan Weinstein interview was the physicists were "missing" in the sense that they were not showing up in the awards and major new discoveries, like what were they spending their time doing...


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