Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Episode #129: The Giza Power Plant - Part 4

We cover material from chapters 9-12 on this episode, diving deeper in the the strange features within the Great Pyramid, and reading about Chris Dunn's hypothesis on what this ancient structure may actually have been for.

Kyle also reads a relevant article about the story of Caliph Al-Mamun who supposedly dug his way into the great pyramid, creating the rough cut tunnel that tourists use today to enter the structure.

We still haven't completed the book by the end of this episode, so there will most likely be a part 5.


  1. Hey when you're making the scale model of the pyramid you should get GMA to print it in like centimeter high pieces that way you can stack them to make the complete pyramid but also remove layers so that you can see the internal rooms and passageways so you can have an actual replica of the full thing inside and out. Just a thought


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