Friday, October 4, 2019

Episode #116: Stone Chambers of Vermont

We go through a bunch of news stories and listener emails that have been building up, leading to discussions on numerous topics such as accoustic levitation, cosmology, cosmic rays, the Edfu Building Texts, and more.

We also talk about our recent week-long trip to the state of Vermont, and our explorations there to find the Calendar 1 and Calendar 2 stone chambers, our tour of a Serpentine Marble Quarry, and also a bit about our explorations of another site that is somewhat controversial in terms of its possible origins.



Sunset Green Flash

Venusian Green Flash

Shoulder Blade Bacon

Calendar Two

Looking out from inside the chamber of Calendar Two

Calendar Two lintel stones

SnakeBros at Calendar Two
Calendar One entrance

Russ squeezing into the passage

Looking down into the open chamber of Calendar One

Snakebros at Calendar One
Russ and Tom at one of the working faces of the quarry

Drill hole "daylight to daylight" and the face above

Cutting chain

Huge rock saw for precise cuts, like a giant chainsaw

"The Hole"

Climbing down the scaffolding into the hole

The bottom of the hole has water and debris that still needs to be cleaned out

Kyle's wife Laura, who does all the intros for the podcast, down in the hole with us

Russ climbing back out of the hole

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