Monday, September 2, 2019

Episode #112: Anomalies - Part 2

We continue our exploration of the anomalous phenomena detailed in the book "Unexplained!" by Jerome Clark. More strange rains of weird stuff, anomalous ice falls, animals being discovered encased or "entombed" in stone, concrete, coal, and wood, luminous phenomena in the open ocean, and sightings of Unidentified Submarine Objects.

We also read an article about quantum teleportation of information, and an old underground "temple" that may be linked to the Knights Templar.


1 comment:

  1. Wonder if the toads freed from stones were enchanted persons who had teed off some wizard, and been cursed with prolonged FORLORN ENCYSTMENT, poor things... Bunch of Anomals falling from the heavens would skeer me...
    Seriously, this all kinda suggests that our understanding of the way the universe works is WAY different from the materialist/reductionist model that the smugly-git oh-so-rational scientists been claiming.


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