Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Episode #103: Injections of Civilization

We talk about the mystery of civilizing knowledge, esoteric information, and technology being "injected" into cultures around the world from time to time across history. Where does this information come from, really?

We also read our regular spaceweathernews updates and lots of new listener communications.

1 comment:

  1. Been around to hear your stories over the last couple months
    (just heard a voice say) "AM I NOT ENTERTAINED"

    oh yes I am

    I think that only, you serpents can help me now

    The mystery of the red and green tiny crystal flashs of colors dancing around me..

    Sometimes when eye look away from something.. it moves and then moves back to the same place as I look back at it ..
    So I say, this you two snakes of the CIA underground, if you came here on a stony piece of Olivine, from the orbit between Mars and Jupiter, just to lol at me ...
    so that (in my head)

    I think "Peridotites are important rocks"..
    because of chromite

    "why are you snakes worth the salt ?"

    you know.. you know ... like 100 times last show

    Love you guys

    M J Dundee


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