Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Episode #064: Yonaguni Monument and the Plain of Jars

Subtitle: Giant Stone Lizards and Hands and Eyes and Heads and Belts and Jars and Balls and Ba'albek and Pyramids and Beerpong

After some news updates about spaceweather and immortality vitamins, we read some more sections from Graham Hancock's book Underworld, this time focusing on the Yonaguni monument of the coast of Japan.

We also discuss the Plain of Jars in Laos, and the correlations to other megalithic monuments around the world.

3D Model of Yonaguni Monument

3D Model

Divers over the monument

The two upright megaliths near the monument

Between the megaliths

A channel or trough in the monument 

Plain of Jars, Laos

Drone image of a more dangerous area of the Plain of Jars

One of the largest jars

The large jar

A jar split by a tree

Stone jars in the Bada Valley in Sulawesi

Another Bada Valley jar

Stone lid for jar in Sulawesi

Another lid

Strange stylized monolithic statue in Bada Valley. Note the way the arms are held

Another stylized monolithic statue from Sulawesi

Chullpa towers, Peru

The high relief mark on the tower

Close up of the relief

Bell Cave, Jordan, with oculus in the ceiling

Bell Cave with eroded triangular pockets

Triangular pockets

In the labyrinthine tunnels around the Bell Caves, with pockets in the walls 

Auroral arc at the beginning of September

Venus Shadow, in the Atacama desert

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