Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Episode #045: "Into Nowhere" with Thomas Spriggs

We have author Thomas Spriggs with us for this show to discuss his excellent book "Into Nowhere", an examination of the regions and patterns of disappearances enumerated by Dave Paulides in his Missing 411 series of books.
This is a very heavy topic, one that is discussed often on this podcast as one of the most pressing and disturbing mysteries of our times, and we were hoping to have a productive conversation on the topic that does not simply recount strange stories of missing persons, and Mr. Spriggs certainly delivers. He has been keeping up with the tracking of what he calls "active regions" since publishing his book, and he weaves a description of an intelligent and aware predator that knows enough about humans and human civilization to spread the abductions just far enough apart in time and distance to keep them from reaching the collective awareness as a distinct phenomena, but that once you connect the cases, you can detect the linear movement of this.... whatever this thing is.

All in all it is a fascinating discussion, and we just go straight through for two hours, no breaks, do not pass Go, do not collect $200, go directly to end of SnakeBros 45 and at least a few sleepless nights, huddled in the blankets, every light on in the entire house, trying not to disappear, like so many others, Into Nowhere.

Link to Mr. Spriggs' book, Into Nowhere:

Amazon: Into Nowhere

Pics and other notes:

Mr. Spriggs' updated regions map. Click to enlarge. 

Region Map Legend. Click to Enlarge. Note the similarity in orientation of the regions for south California and central California, as mentioned by Kyle during the show

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USA Today: Man Dissapears in NY, Reappears in CA With No Memory

The Virginian Pilot: Portsmouth sailor missing at Yosemite National Park didn't have car, left belongings, park says

The Virginian Pilot: Remains found in Yosemite National Park identified as Portsmouth sailor missing since May


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