Thursday, March 29, 2018

Episode #041: The Places Where Men Became Gods

We start this episode by giving props to Flat Earther Mike Hughes for his ingenuity and attempting to find out the truth for himself, and also for the enormous cojones required to launch oneself towards outer space in a steam powered home made rocket, because holy fucking shit that is awesome.   

After briefly mentioning a few more Weird News stories, we read an excellent article from MineTheHive about a very strange site in China that may be remnants of ancient technology upwards of 150,000 years old, then segue smoooooothly into the main topic of this episode, which is Kyle's developing ideas regarding the ancient sites around the world that are referred to as places where "men became gods".

We finish the show by detailing the very strange and infamous incident at Dyatlov Pass, a topic that came up because a hiker has been reported missing out there just last week.

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