Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Episode #032: More Bermuda Triangle, Electromagnetism, and Radio

In this episode we got started really late due to some technical difficulties, so our conversations tend to meander a bit more than usual, and there are more than the usual number of bad puns and dad jokes. (We have determined that the number of puns and dad jokes is closely proportional to the number of hours it has been since we last slept.)

Nevertheless we have some good conversations about the Bermuda Triangle mysteries(as Russ reads more from Into the Bermuda Triangle by Gian Quasar), Nikola Tesla, electromagnetism and radio, skerptards skerpderping everything and swarming wikipedia articles, undocumented meteorites endangering the whole planet due to the government shutdown, and setting fire to flat earthers.

A photo of the elevated TangentCube Studio monitor, which we use to display pertinent data during the show, as well as Brett's corrective/helpful/fact checking commentary. Shown here with the new Segment Time popup window

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