Thursday, November 23, 2017

Episode #027: The Melba Ketchum Paper, ScanPyramids

The Official Show Observer, the honorable and venerated Mr. Brett England, is in studio with us for this episode, here to offer his assessment of the work of Dr. Melba Ketchum and her team in DNA sequencing of possible Sasquatch hair and skin samples. Mr. England has relevant education and thus delivers what is most likely the only competent opinion on this work that has been delivered to the paranormal and podcasting communities(all other opinions having come from know-nothing Skerptards).

Aside from that, we discuss the ScanPyramids Project and the possibility of a huge unknown chamber in the GP, Kyle's trip to Italy and the ancient Egyptian artifacts he saw there, and we finish out the show with a few excellent OOPArts.

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  1. Don't read this on the podcast:
    Just pointing out the mask comment on 02:22:20 made by the Watcher. We surely are lowering our carbon footprint now!

    Sincerely, Cluelesschris†


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