Saturday, August 26, 2017

Episode #020: Do you even Pyramid bro

We start the show talking about how, in this day and age, there are actually still people out there who do not spend an appreciable amount of time thinking about Pyramids. I mean, it's 2017! How are there even people out there who don't think about Pyramids?? Can we get with the program here, on the right side of history please??
Well, we can say for certain that we don't know anyone who doesn't think about pyramids. We don't even talk to people like that. As if.

So we do a lot of thinking and talking about pyramids on this episode. We believe pyramids. The pyramids are settled. Build pyramids, not bridges. Questioning the Theory of Pyramids is like questioning the Theory of Gravity. If you do, you'll just die tired.

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