Monday, May 6, 2019

CAC 5-6 Conference Call with Randall Carlson

This is the May 6th conference call for Grimerica's Contact at the Cabin event. All the Randall you can handle!

CLICK TO PLAY CAC Conference 5-6 

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  1. Hi guys! Last time you talked with Randall about the Moon and he mentioned that it has non-uniform density. This stimulated me to think about it, and I have a theory that maybe the Moon is like a vessel with a very hard, solid surface but inside there may be molten metal or even water. However, it is not fully "filled in" and there is hollow space. I theorize that our Earth attracts this liquid and more of it is gathered on the side facing our planet, while leaving some void on the other side. This makes the mass distribution on the Moon uneven, and maybe because of that the Moon stays somehow fixed with the same side facing the Earth. Please can you ask Randall what he thinks about it?
    Kind regards from Poland,
    Wojciech (good luck in pronouncing my name ;))


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