Tuesday, May 14, 2019

CAC 5-13 Conference Call with Randall Carlson

This is the final CAC call before we all head to Colorado at the end of the week. Enjoy!


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  1. Hello again! Thank you for discussing my last comment, and I appreciate your efforts to pronounce my name. Once or twice you almost made it :) I'm also glad that you came back to the subject of the Moon, and it seems that the great Gandalf(Randall) shares my assumptions that the Moon may have a cavity inside. But to not to make things too sweet, I will add some bitterness to this heneymon comment by complaining that you failed to ask The Great Magician about the second part of my theory that the Moon may be like a vessel which is not fully filled and our Earth attracts the honey filling, thus making the Earth-facing side denser and leaving the cavity on the far side, which in turn fixes the Moon's position with the denser side always facing the Earth. But I will fully forgive you if you will keep pressing Randall on the subject. He may eventually spill the beans (or honey) some day.
    Best regards,
    Wojciech (Voychieh)


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